Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Nesian Fusion Performance

Nesian Fusion Performance Review

WALT: reflect and write a review about the Nesian Fusion assembly performance
Topic: Nesian Fusion Performance
Audience: PES, whanau, worldwide blog audience.
Purpose: To tell people about your perspective of the Nesian Fusion performance
Text type: Reflection, review.
Key Vocabulary and Sentence Beginnings:
Choreography, music composition, costumes and accessories,  traditional Ailao weaponry, skills demonstrated, performance, movie trailer, Inspiring, encourage, practise makes perfect, skill and precision, well synchronised.

Wow! What an exciting …
The Nesian Fusion Theatre group inspired PES….
The movie trailer ….

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P1: Introduction: Who? When? Where? Why?

P2: What happened? What was the first item? Why/How?

P3: What happened next? Why/How?

P4: Conclusion: What happened in the end?
How did you feel about the experience? What did you enjoy the most? What do you hope for next time?
Once you have finished make sure to mark with a buddy or yourself using our PARAGRAPH RUBRIC. Draw an image that represents your writing in sumo paint or ABC paint.
It was Friday 18th of Sept 2015, the Nesian Fusion Group were doing stage tricks with the Aliao and spinning the Aliao under their legs..

I liked how they mixed up the songs first it was Beau Monga, then it turned into some slow music.

The message was “No to fear”,always have Confidence when you partake in something.
I like how all of them had confident if they dropped the Aliao they picked them up.

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