Friday, 20 March 2015

Year 6 & 5 camp Recount 2015

When it was Wednesday it was beautiful weather all the way to Friday. Screenshot 2015-03-18 at 10.11.32.png
Kayaking was so fun! I did lots of Kayaking. I went in a double Kayak with Justus one of my friends. I like the ones where you got to go alone. I collided with another kayak. It was a life experience. I loved! It was so much fun. We got to go for a  swim at the end.

My tent buddy was Ngarima he's my best friend.  We were in All Stars. We didn't win but we tried. We came third I think.

We played a mini game called Killzone! At first I was thinking that you just throw water balloons at each other but no it was not that simple. There was a tunnel of doom, a slingshot, war zone and you had to go across the screaming eels with handmade skis. At the end we won but were all tired. We sang our team chant.

On Thursday we cooked some corn fritters. I didn't  like them that much so I give it to Justus. He loved them and he got Johns too! The ingredients were two eggs, some milk, some corn but I don’t know the rest.

On the last day we went to the Mangare pools. There were two pools. The second one was the bombing pool. The bottom ones were the swimming ones. I loved it there!

I wish it was still camp because I loved it. Maybe next time we can have bouncy castles.

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  1. Wow what a awesome camp you had, I'm so proud of you.
    love from mum.