Monday, 23 February 2015

Pt England Way- Use your WITS

If your use your WITS all your life you will have a very happy life. It will also help you will not get in trouble.

Walk away is what you do when somebody is saying mean words to you. You should move away as far as you can so they can’t see you. When there were two kids and I was on the bottom field they were yelling, swearing and whacking us with moonhoppers when we walked away they stopped doing it.

If somebody is yelling at you just ignore it and walk away. Don’t listen or look at them. justus was causing me then me stop and started to yell at me so I ignore.

Talk about if you talk  to the who is being mean to you then talk to them and there will leave you alone if they follow you then seek help when you seek help they will run away or follow  you then tell the teacher that he or she is being mean to you.  

Seek help. if theres no one near you then say i don't want to fight or if someone is just saying mean words then just ignore it. if they still want to
fight then don’t turn your back because monkeys jump on backs.

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