Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Holiday

like going to the gi pool. I Felt great when we went to  the pool it was fun at the pool.

When we got home we had a big bbq at my best friend.
then my friend went home and I went to  my step dads and played a game called minecraft its a game where you have to try and survive and build you can build lots of thing a house anything there with my friends who Were there. then my best friend came over again and we went in the pool in my backyard and we had lots of fun. and at the start of the holiday I went to masion bay with to cuzsins we had lots of fun and when we came out of the pool we and my cuzzin were running around

Then we went home and I went down stairs with my cuzzins and a friend and we played minecraft and had lots of fun. what I Liked the most was when my cousin came over we went fishing we didn't catch any fish we played tag hide and seek it was so much fun.

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