Monday, 13 November 2017

Personal best

Has someone ever told you don’t sprint at the start of a race? Well you should listen to that person.

To do good at athletics you need to focus at what you doing so you can do your best if you’re talking to your friend the whole time you're likely to not do very well.

Another way to achieve your personal best is to look at to your surroundings if you don’t you might run into a tree or a wall or someone and listen if not you might run or jump at the wrong time.

Lastly you need be prepared and listen to instructions for what you’re doing if not and you’re doing a race you run the wrong way or run in the wrong lane so be prepared.

If you do all of this things you will be able to achieve your personal best or better this are all the thing that you need to do if you wanna do your best.

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