Monday, 17 August 2015

If I had million dollars

If I had a million dollars I would go to the Dick Smith,  food court, snapback shop and Hoyts.

First I would go to Dick Smith and buy a new TV because I need a new flat screen. At the moment I have an ugly bulky one because my sister has my flat screen and doesn’t even use it. When she does she is using her laptop to watch things on youtube. Plus she’s never home anyway and taken my old room!

Then I will go to the food area and get some butter chicken. I would go get KFC if I could I would a lot of chicken. I would get three buckets for $30 which is nothing compared to a million dollars.

Next I would go to buy lots of snapbacks, gold chains and jumpers. It is winter and I only have 5 hats at the moment. Which is so not enough.

Then I will go buy a drone to fly in the sky. I would get a good view of the nice Pt England Beach.

Finally I will go to hoyts and watch a movie with my family. Then I will buy things for my family.

I would have lots of fun. I would take a friend with me and then I would buy a new phone 6.

It is a good way to spend my money for life. Well maybe not the KFC and maybe I should get some groceries.

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